BZ EYES Meditative drawing and traveling around Taiwan.

Hello, everyone!

In the end of January I and my husband went back to Taiwan (where my husband comes from) to spend time with our family and celebrate Lunar New Year which is traditionally a family holiday.

But vacation time can't stop me from creating art...especially when I have such an interesting ongoing art project as BZ EYES that includes MEDITATIVE DRAWING practice in it.


I took a lot of art supplies with me to Taiwan - some square shaped cotton paper pads, my favorite Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils, some graphite pencils and watercolor of course, and some other small things that I usually store and transport in my tool box.

Here you can see my roof top balcony studio in our family house in Kaohsiung.

The weather in Kaohsiung in the end of January was just amazing! I could work on that balcony for hours till sunset...theoretically I could work even after sunset but then usually mosquitoes came and started attacking my legs, so I had to hide inside.

Prior drawing I actually needed to prepare watercolor backgrounds on paper. The balcony was pretty big and I could easily prepare watercolor backgrounds for the weeks to come putting all sheets of paper around the floor to dry. After they dried I had a pile of various backgrounds ready to be drawn on.

Sometimes, when it was too hot to work on balcony I worked in our tiny bedroom right on the bed. Luckily, my drawing board is very nice and comfortable to be put anywhere I need. I also really love the fact that drawing doesn't require dealing with water and it allows me to keep my working space absolutely clean.

When I felt like "walking and working" I took all my basic drawing tools out and walked around Kaohsiung until I found some cute cafe to draw in.

Well, I must admit that in most cases it was actually Starbucks. They have a nice coffee and a lot of natural light in their cafes...perfect for an artist!


We also visited our grandma's house in Pingtung which is a countryside area with lots of fields, farms, fish ponds, and fruit gardens. Here is me in grandma's garden...wild and happy!

In Pingtung I worked outside under the roof in a big yard of grandma's house. I managed to finish two drawings there:


When we traveled to Taipei (which is located on the North of the island)it got really really cold and it was raining every single day during two weeks of our stay there. So, working outside was impossible. But the good thing about Taipei is that it's a big city with so many beautiful and cozy cafes to spend time in...some of them even have cats or dogs which is more than exciting for such a crazy cat lover as I am! Unfortunately, not all cafes had good light inside but that didn't stop me anyway...

Here you can see two of my drawings finished in INs cafe in Taipei.

Starbucks at Banqiao Station and other Starbucks cafes in Taipei.

And here is a wonderful Dante Coffee where they have fantastic desserts.

Totally during the month of our stay in Taiwan I have created 33 drawings!!! That's a really good result I think.

Well, in this post I just wanted to remember and save for the future all those sweet moments of drawing in various places around lovely Taiwan.

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Stay creative!

Your Jane.

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