My Chinese name, or How I sign my artworks.

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Today first of all I'm going to tell you something interesting about my Chinese name, and after that I will show you how I sing my artworks on front and back side. I hope you will enjoy reading this article and will find something interesting or helpful for yourself.

When I married my Taiwanese husband getting a Chinese name for me was a question of time. Of course it was my Chinese speaking husband who was responsible for creating some beautiful name. He did it great and just after a couple of months since our marriage he came up with this final version of my new Chinese name:


which you can read in Pinyin as [lin rui ya]

Maybe you already know, or it will be a surprise for you, but most of Chinese names have some meaning, and usually parents are very careful about choosing a name for their baby. So, let me explain you the meaning of my wonderful name.

林 - is my husband's family name, and it means "forest"

芮 - means "small, tiny"

亞 - means "Asia" or "second"

So, as far as I understand my husband's explanation my Chinese name means something like "new, fresh growing little Asia" referring to the fact that I'm the first generation from my family to move to China and start my new life here in the heart of Asia.

As a real "newborn Chinese" I also made a stamp with my Chinese name to sign my artworks or documents. I think you already saw this stamp many times (at least at the end of every blog post) but today let me show you the stamp stone which is very beautiful by itself, and special Chinese sticky ink in a metal box.

In China people don't usually use ink to stamp, they use some kind of special red sticky substance. This red substance sticks well on paper but not well enough over acrylic paint, so below I show you how I prepare pre-stamped little pieces of paper that I adhere over acrylic painting at some stage of my creative process. I just stamp many times over a sheet of paper, then I cut those little square pieces and put them into a tiny plastic box to store and bring with me everywhere.

Now, let's talk about the whole process of signing my artworks.

On the front of a painting I usually adhere a piece of pre-stamped paper with my Chinese name, and close to the stamp I also write my Russian family name in Russian. That's actually all about front side.

On the back side of my painting you can find:

  • name of artwork

  • date of creating

  • place of creating

  • my website address

  • my Russian signature

  • my stamped Chinese name

Recently, when I was preparing for the Art Fair I also made little stickers with my Chinese name to decorate the package - paper bags, postcard envelopes and so on.I just printed them on A4 size sticker paper and cut them all by myself.

These stickers are super easy to make, but they gave all my packaging materials very professional look. I think my Chinese name stamp very naturally became some kind of my personal logo.

Ok, that's everything I planned to share with you today about my Chinese name and the process of signing my works.

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Stay creative!

Your Jane.

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