Packaging and shipping a big size mixed media painting.

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In the middle of February one of my big size collage paintings was sold on website where I sell some of my original artworks. But the sale happened exactly the moment when celebraion of Lunar New Year was starting in China.

For those of you who have never been to China I would like to explain that Lunar New Year is the biggest natioanl holiday in China when hundreds of millions (yes, hundreds of millions!) of chinese people travel from big cities back to their hometowns to spend several weeks with their families....and it means that most of chinese companies simply shut down for this period of time.

So, when Lunar New Year celebration was over and Chinese companies started operating normally (in March), I could finally order all packaging materials on Taobao and start preparing my artwork for a long journey to the US.

I also decided to document and show you the process of packaging because it is my first experience of sending an artwork abroad from mainland China (before I sent only from Hong Kong which is pretty different from here).

By the way, they have a wonderful guide to packaging an artwork on which I followed abslutely carefully.

I started from wrapping my painting into acid-free glassine paper from Canson.

Then following packaging guide I put the painting into a plastic bag and sealed it to protect from water.

After that I had to make protective corners which are very important in transporting a big paiting on board or stretched canvas. Those corners are very easy to make - I just used a piece of cardboard, double-sided tape and a strong packaging tape.

Four corners were made wider that the width of the painting because I planned to use them to cover the painting with a piece of foamboard together.

And, as you could already guess the next step was to cut two pieces of foamboard to protect the artwork from both sides. I used 2 cm thick rolled foambard.

Finally, I wrapped this "sandwich" into three layers of good bubble wrap.

But, before I put the whole packed painting into the box I decided to create additional protection by adding pieces of foamboard along the inner sides of the box.

Well, this is that. The last time when I saw my art baby.

Traditionally original painting is supposed to be sold with the Certificate of Authenticity that proves artwork's origin. In my case along with this Certificate, my business cards, and a letter to my collector, I also put a couple of postcards and stickers with my art as a complimentary gift.

When everything was put inside the box there was still one little but very important thing left to be done..."FRAGILE" stickers!!! Mine are both in English and Chinese.

Of course, shipping company (in my case it's SF Express) as well as custom officers on both countries borders may open my box to check what's inside, but I hope they will do their best to close and tape it over back well.

When my painting arrives collector in the US I'm going to update this post and tell you if my packaging strategy worked well or not.

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