Pushing drawing zentangles to the extreme.

Hello, everyone! Happy New year 2018!!!

It's been a while since my last post, but this only means that I was super busy working in my studio a lot and also participating in exhibitions in Shanghai. Now the "hot" Christmas and New Year season is over and I finally have some time to write.

Today, I would like to tell you about my small but very important for me project: "B&W abstracts". As you may have already guessed B&W means Black and White, which is the main but not the only color scheme of the artworks of the series.

True admirers of my art may have already noticed that I use black and white zentangle patterns in all my figurative paintings as a focal point. And one day I just got an idea to go further and create a purely abstract project dedicated only to those black and white patterns.

I have a long good relationship with zentangle drawing technique - I've been drawing zentangles for fun and meditative purposes for many many years. So, hand painting all those torn papers with unique zentangle patterns was a real pleasure for me. For my "Spiral" artwork I hand painted 51 unique patterns in one day!!! That was really crazy, but also a lot of fun!

When I attatched all those beautiful black and white patterns to the paper I felt that there is something missing in there. It looked nice, but kind of boring. And after a couple of days of struggle I came up with the idea to add something colorful. In the end, I added small groups of colorful geometric shapes in the corner that in my opinion worked well to balance the artwork and emphasise the sharp contrast of those black and white patterns.

Of course, my audience will easily recognize my other favorite marks in all "B&W abstracts" artworks - different puzzles, little geaometric details, and words and phrases in my favorite languages - Russian, English, and Chinese.

If you are new to my art I would just invite you to spend some time to explore the painting you like and try to find all those little details, puzzles, words and phrases. Oh, and if you know all three languages I use in my artworks - you are just my dream art lover!...

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Stay creative!

Your Jane.

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