VIDEO MEDITATION detailed instructions.

Hello, my friends.

As my VIDEO MEDITATION art project is growing I decided to write a detailed instructions on HOW TO do it.

First of all I wanted to inform you that I started creating two kinds of every meditation - SLOW (full) version and FAST (short) version. Let me explain what kind of mediation is suitable for you.

If you are not very patient by nature, or you just don't have a lot of time, or you simple don't know how to meditate in general then maybe you need to start from FAST (short) version and see how it goes.

If you are well aware of what meditation is, how to fall into trance condition, how to relax and visualize, and what's more important you really ENJOY the process of meditation and like spending at least 10 minutes on it, then of course SLOW (long) version is exactly what you need.

So, here is the detailed step by step instruction for the


Slow down...Find a quiet place and be ready to spend enough time to enjoy a full experience of VIDEO MEDITATION...

Watch...look carefully at the pencil tip drawing a fancy pattern and imagine how much useless information and emotion is usually collected in you head during the day...

Listen....listen to the slow hypnotic music and gradually fall into a trance state of mind...

Relax, breathe lightly and feel this VIDEO MEDITATION with all your senses...

When in the second part of the video pencil starts erasing the lines you need to start visualizing how all that informational and emotional garbage is also being erased from you head leaving you mind clean and beautiful...

At the end of the video take a deep breath, exhale... and you finished - now your mind is clean just as this white sheet of paper...

Ready to try? Here is one of my most recent SLOW (full) VIDEO MEDITATIONS


All the steps for the FAST video meditation are pretty the same as for the SLOW video meditation except for the fact that 1 minute is not enough to really fall into a deep trance, but if you put a good visualization effort FAST meditation still can be an effective tool for cleaning your mind or destructing you from some stressful situation.

Now you can try this FAST (short) VIDEO MEDITATION right now

Share with me down below in comments your thoughts and ideas about VIDEO MEDITATION project. Does it help you? What kind of meditation you would like to see in the future?

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Stay creative!

Your Jane.

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