What is abstract art about? All secrets of BZ EYES Meditative Art Project revealed.

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Hello, my friends.

Today I'm going to help you to understand better my BZ EYES meditative art project. So, let's jump streight into it!


BZ EYES meditative art project has dual nature. It has some special meaning for me and it is supposed to have little different way of influencing people watching it.

As for me, I started this art project as a kind of visual meditation. I was not doing any sketches, every drawing was a pure meditative improvisation. Actually, It was my first totally improvisational art project, and I am very happy with the result! I enjoyed drawing it a lot, and now I enjoy watching it over and over again, which leads us to the second function of this project.

For the viewer this drawings are supposed to be the same kind of visual meditation, but obviously viewer can not enjoy the drawing process itself. What the viewer can do is try to make his or her eyes busy (that's why the project is named BZ EYES) looking carefully at the drawing and trying to discover all little details, symbols, signs, puzzles, words, and other things. And during this process of decoding the mind of the viewer is actually destructed from all other things happening in his or her life...and as a result it is relaxing, which is the main goal of any meditation, isn't it.


All drawings of BZ EYES art project can be divided into several groups by their composition. In this project you can find groups of works containing mostly big circle or spiral, or divided into four squares, or nine squares, or multiple squares. Some of the works are made of lines of various thickness, while some are just very colorful. There are couple of works that don't fit any group, while some of the drawigns fit several groups which is also ok.


Now, let's go to the most interesting part! I want to help you to discover more information in these drawings, and for this purpose I'm going to give you some basic hints about the data encoded into every drawing.


First of all, every drawing has a name of the drawing written in several languages right inside the drawing. First several drawings contain only Russian, English, and Chinese. But after a couple of drawings I started adding one more foreign language in my works - usually I just scrolled the list of Google translator languages and chose one extra foreign language at random. Sometimes I also left a small hint about the kind of extra language I used. So, in most of the works you can find four languages - Russian, English, Chinese, and some random sometimes pretty exotic language from Google translator.


Beside languages I also like dating my drawings right on the front. In this project I started dating my artworks in binary system - which means I used only 1 and 0. And if you want to challenge yourself you can easily decode those binary groups of STICKS and CIRCLES and know the exact date when the drawing was finished.


What about the place where the drawing was made?...Yes, this information is also included in every drawing. In several early drawings I just used abbreviations or cut words to mark the place. But as the project was developing I got an idea to mark the exact birthplace of each drawing with Google Maps coordinates. Those three rows of numbers you can find in most of the drawings can be easily decoded in Google Maps.

Today I opened you the secrets of some information encoded into my drawing, but I only told you about the things that have exact meaning, while all my drawing are still full of abstract elements, figures, and symbols that your are free to interpret your own way. Still so much freedom left for your imagination to have fun!

Hope you enjoyed this information and discovered something new for yourself.

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Stay creative!

Your Jane.

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