Hello, my name is Zhenya Hitrova. I'm Russian self-taught mixed media artist.

I've been doing all kinds of art and craft since early childhood. Since very early I was always particularly interested in creating some new unusual worlds in my works. I was deep into symbols, codes, and languages of all kinds. Later on, I followed one of my passions and studied foreign languages in university while still keeping on doing art on a regular basis.

I've been working as a full-time artist since 2015 and gradually my whimsical artworks from different series all started forming some kind of my own Mythology full of mysterious people, fantastic creatures, enigmatic codes and symbols. In my artistic practice, I use a wide range of media giving more preference to working with watercolor and colored pencils on a good cotton paper.

My patrons include private collectors from Russia, China, The US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and France.

You can find my  works in Shanghai based galleries such as UGallery and Square Gallery, and in Paris based online gallery Singulart.

Currently I reside in Russian Far East.

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